Precision FM remote control provides maximum range and instant response. The electric screw jack supplies a full 600 lb force in both directions with NO SLIPPING. The FM Transmitter provides instantaneous response with NO RUN-ON.

The Receiver itself has a keypad for operation of all channels without the Transmitter. The sleek, clean design is completely sealed from weather and dirt and is fully guaranteed.  Easy to install Kits available for Endgate, all Hoists, and 3 & 4 CHANNEL Endgate/Hoist/Aux/Tarp controls.

- 12vDC Electric System 600 Lb Force
- Hoist Systems: Electric, Air, Cable
- FM Remote Control
- User Selectable 38 Security Codes
- Master Power On/Off Switch
- Manual Keypad
- 300 ft Range
- Fuse Protected
- LED Indicator Lights
- Simple to Install


- Receiver/Driver
- Hand-Held Transmitter
- Hoist Control
- Mounting Hardware
- Installation Manual